Swimming Lessons

At Kindy Zone we believe that children having access to swim survival lessons is a must!

Our company owned Swim School is an Austswim Platinum Recognised Swim Centre and is offered to all Kindy Zone families for an additional fee with children above 36 months of age upon enrolment.

At our Swim School, we love teaching children to swim and be safer in and around the water and have been doing so since 2013.

We have created a swim program that caters to our children and their safety around water. Our swimming levels work progressively through the foundational skills of swimming and allow for advancement into stroke development and competitive strokes, as well as starts, turns, finishes and more advanced survival strategies.

Our four Swimming levels and focus are :

Mudskippers - Children at this level may be beginners or just need a little correction before getting moving through the water.

Tricky Snappers - Children at this level have been able to consistently demonstrate the skills in Mudskippers.

Barramundi - Children at this level are confident swimming more than 5m independently and are able to take their own breath and continue to swim.

Trevally - Children at this level are comfortable swimming multiple laps unassisted. The main focus is stroke development and competitive strokes as well as starts, turns and finishes.

The Swim School holds a quarterly “Water Safety Week”. During this week the focus is on safety in and around the water. Safe entries and exits, recovery of body position, what to do in a water emergency and survival strategies are explicitly taught and discussed at appropriate levels in the regular classes