Kindy Zone Mt Sheridan Meals & Nutrition

It is a policy of the centre that children learn healthy eating habits, therefore, we provide a healthy daily menu covering all meals while the children are in our care. Our fully catered menu meets the recommended requirements of meeting 50% of a child’s Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) per day.

Children in our care are offered a nutritional breakfast if required, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. All meals are prepared fresh daily by our qualified chefs in our council approved commercial kitchen.

Kindy Zone has a Five Week Rotating Menu which has been reviewed and approved by the Dietitians at Health Management Dietitians Cairns. The team at HMD have completed a full menu review and have undertaken an extensive analysis of the core food groups of our menu. The results of HMD’s assessment of our menus is that Child's World Early Learning Centre meets the recommended standards, based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating for Children

View our 5 week Menu: